SettingUp Steps in Establishing a Business in the Philippines Choose a Business Structure

You may set up your business under several organizational structures known as single proprietorship, partnership, corporation, branch office, representative office, regional headquarters, or regional operating headquarters.

Register a Business

Submit the requirements and follow the procedures to start-ip your business.

Acquire Visa for Foreign Management and Personnel

Foreign Nationals seeking to work, do business and/ or invest in the Philippines may apply for work authorization and or the appropriate visa provided for under the Philippine Immigration Act as amended or some other special law.

Apply for Permits, Licenses, Clearances, etc.

Secure the documents necessary for your business.

Investors Aftercare

The primary thrust of the Investors Aftercare Program is to understand the investor’s priorities, whether it be to find a solution to address current business concerns, or to expand into more profitable business ventures.

The Investors Aftercare Services Department (IASD) implements the aftercare program which delivers the most current investment policies and programs to the investors. Instead of waiting for the investors to seek assistance, our aftercare team reaches out to discuss value propositions and resolve business-related concerns.