PTIC-Berlin organized in September last year a well-attended roundtable for Mr. Purisima hosted by Deutsche Bank CEO, Jürgen Fitschen, at the bank’s headquarters in Frankfurt. Mr. Purisima was on official travel to Germany to sign the updated Treaty on Avoidance of Double-Taxation. (PTIC-Berlin also arranged Mr. Purisima’s short stop at the Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg for fiscal talks with VW executives.)

The rapport between Mr. Purisima and Mr. Fitschen was evidently convivial, and this may have encouraged Mr. Purisima’s return to Germany, this time as guest foreign keynote speaker at the 94th Ostasiatisches Liebesmahl Reception held at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce on 7 March 2014. Mr. Fitschen is also chairman of the German Asia Pacific Business Association (OAV), host of the annual reception for some 400 top German business executives and owners.

PTIC-Berlin coordinated Mr. Purisima’s sponsored travel to Hamburg with OAV. The Liebesmahl was extremely useful as it allowed a positive and highly esteemed profile of Philippines, and the strongly signaled that the Philippines is open for business to Germany, Europe, and the world. The last Filipino to be invited to the Liebesmahl was former Finance Secretary Jose Camacho in 2004.