September 17, 2013 – San Francisco, California – The Philippine Trade & Investment Center (PTIC) in Silicon Valley, representative office of the Department of Trade & Industry in the US northwestern states and STAC Silicon Valley in cooperation with the Philippine Consulate General held an event Friday, September 13, at the Philippine Center San Francisco to showcase Philippine tech start-ups, PageSnapp and ShootnSell, winners of AngelHack Manila and AngelHack Singapore, respectively, and to announce its collaboration with One Virtual Source, to create the Philippine Services Delivery Platform, an online global marketplace that aims to provide market access for Philippine providers of IT, Creative, Business Support & related services. Both PageSnapp and ShootnSell are composed of Filipino founders. The evening provided a venue for the audience of business, media and technology professionals which included Filipino and non-Filipino professionals in mainstream Silicon Valley. “I am very proud to showcase, two of the best examples of Filipino capability and ingenuity in the IT start-up community in the Philippines, which can be at par with the world’s best. Both PageSnapp and ShootnSell, won the AngelHack competitions in both Manila and Singapore and have just recently concluded their participation at AngelHack Silicon Valley” said Michael Alfred Ignacio, Trade Commissioner for the Philippine Consulate General.


Team members of PageSnapp, ShootnSell, and OVS posed with DCG Ascalon, Trade Commissioner Michael Ignacio and STAC-SV Officers

The event welcomed esteemed speakers who expressed enthusiasm and positive notes about the Philippine economy. Deputy Consul General Jaime Ascalon welcomed the audience and expressed his appreciation of the two teams’ efforts to meet a significant milestone for the country as both represented Philippine talent at the prestigious TechCrunch disrupt conference. Philippine Trade Commissioner for Silicon Valley, Michael Ignacio, founder of, underscored the growing importance of the Philippine economy and its role in the greater ASEAN and world economies. The ASEAN region, also boasts enormous potential, almost at par in size with that of EU and the fastest growing region in the world, and the Philippines can provide a doorway to this major world market. He also recognized the potential of the Philippine start-up community in tech and sciences and the enormous potential of start-ups such as PageSnapp, ShootnSell and One Virtual Source in its growth trajectory. Ideaspace Foundation President and Co-Founder Earl Valencia provided an overview of the startup landscape and activity across the country and highlighted the country’s strengths and areas of focus for his fund. In closing, Christina Laskowski, President of STAC SV congratulated the teams and announced Geeks on a Beach (, the first conference of its kind, organized by STAC SV partner to be held September 26 and 27 in Boracay, Philippines. Ms. Laskowski shared that more STAC SV events and programs were lined up for 2014 providing more reason for the audience to sign up and join its new membership platform.

STAC Silicon Valley provided housing to PageSnapp, an Ideaspace incubated company, during the its two week trip to San Francisco. PageSnapp was one of 50 startups to participate in AngelHack Manila and won first place which led its team to San Francisco where they participated at TechCrunch Disrupt and AngelHack Global Demo Day. PageSnapp also won the invitation to participate at the Blackberry Jam Conference in Hong Kong where it will present September 26 to 27, 2013. “One Virtual Source is collaborating with PTIC Silicon Valley to create the Philippine Services Platform, which is envisioned to provide an online marketplace that will build global partnerships between qualified Philippine Service Providers and Clients worldwide. Through the OVS platform, both Philippine Service Providers and Clients will be able to advertise, find and communicate with each other to negotiate job terms and do business with each other. The OVS platform then allows both parties to work together to manage, track milestones and pay for services rendered,” said JR Calanoc, CEO of One Virtual Source, “This is projected to provide significant market access and numerous new projects for Philippine IT, Business Support & Creative service providers.”

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