On 2 April 2015, Director Li Yuan of Trade and Investment Division (TID) held a working meeting with Commercial Counsellors of ASEAN Embassies in China or their representatives, to discuss TID’s working plan in 2015.

Director Li Yuan briefed TID’s tentative working plan of this year, encouraged ASEAN countries to actively participate in relevant activities, such as Trade Fairs, Seminars, etc.. He also welcomed the meeting to make comments or suggestions to TID’s working plan.

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The counsellors or their representatives appreciated TID’s efforts in promoting trade and investment cooperation between ASEAN and China. They hope can have more opportunities to have dialogues with Chinese government officials, which will give them a better understanding of China’s relevant policies, such as “One Belt, One Road”, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Silk Road Fund, etc..

Consensus was reached at the meeting that TID and ASEAN Commercial Counsellors should keep in close touch, to make a joint effort to promote the trade and investment cooperation between ASEAN and China.

Source: http://www.asean-china-center.org/english/2015-04/07/c_134129313.htm