On 2 July 2014, Mr. Mouavixay Palee, Deputy Director of Trade and Investment Division (TID) of ACC held a sharing meeting with the counsellors of economic and commercial affairs from ASEAN Embassies in Beijing for the better implementation of ACC’s undergoing projects in 2014 and its work plan for 2015. Eight counsellors attended the meeting to share their thoughts with TID on the events and activities to promote the economic and trade relations between ASEAN and China.

Mr. Palee expressed his gratitude to all ASEAN commercial counsellors for their consistent support for ACC’s efforts to promote trade and investment between ASEAN and China in its formative years. He updated them on TID’s projects in 2014, particularly on ACC’s pioneering initiatives. Palee also sought their advice and further support for the new projects, such as the Trade and Investment Golf in ASEAN (TIGA), ASEAN-China SMEs’ capacity building programme and trade missions of representative enterprises to ASEAN.

The counsellors congratulated TID on its achievements in building the ASEAN Products Trade Centre and forging the China-ASEAN investment consortium while holding in high regard ACC’s efforts to promote pragmatical cooperation in the area of trade and investment. The counsellors emphasized that ASEAN is to accomplish the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2015, which will bring about abundant business opportunities as well as challenges. Once again the counsellors pledged their support to ACC’s furture activities and events aiming at SMEs’ better utilisation of CAFTA preferential policies.

Consensus was reached at the sharing meeting that such gatherings will be held regularly and TID shall lead the networking of ASEAN-China business circles to facilitate bilateral trade and two-way investment.