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At the invitation of China’s BAIC brand, a delegation of mainstream Philippine media visited the BAIC brand’s headquarters in China and its passenger vehicle plant and new energy vehicle plants in Beijing, March 8-12, 2015. Through the BAIC Experience Tour, the distinguished visitors not only visited the BAIC brand’s internationally advanced modern car production bases but also personally experienced the great driving charms of all the models of the BAIC brand. Today, new energy vehicles have been a field of fierce competition among all leading carmakers in the world. At BAIC’s new energy vehicle plant, Philippine media reporters made test drives of BAIC’s electric vehicle models and were deeply impressed by their ample power and first-class driving experience. The BAIC Experience Tour provided an opportunity for the Philippine media to gain a more comprehensive understanding of BAIC’s solid strengths in R&D and manufacturing as well as its grand vision to become a leading automaker in the world. After the visit, all the friends from the Philippine media expressed the hope that BAIC should join hands with its Philippine partner and bring more first-class products to the Philippine market.

Since launching its internationalization drive in 2013, the BAIC brand has maintained good communication and collaboration with mainstream media in various countries around the world. The BAIC Experience Tour has become an outstanding platform for the BAIC brand to communicate with the media of various countries. Dr. Dong Haiyang, CEO of the BAIC brand, said, “Following the launch of BAIC’s internationalization drive in 2013, we will stage more similar brand experience and media events to give more media and customers around the world to get a firsthand experience of the BAIC brand and the great driving charms of its products.” The staging of the current BAIC Experience Tour has helped reporters of mainstream Philippine auto media to deepen their understanding of the BAIC brand and its entire industry chain and strengthened the confidence of BAIC’s Philippine partner Bayan Automotive Corp. in its cooperation with the BAIC brand. President George of Bayan Automotive Corp. noted, “We will deepen our comprehensive cooperation with the BAIC brand in the Philippine market. After their visit to the BAIC brand’s headquarters and plants in Beijing, I believe that our friends from the mainstream Philippine auto media all have gained a better understanding of the solid R&D and manufacturing strength of the BAIC brand. Bayan Automotive Corp will work with BAIC to bring more of its products to consumers at large in the Philippines.”


Founded in 1958, the BAIC Group is one of the TOP 5 auto groups in China and has been listed among Fortune’s Global 500 Companies for two consecutive years, ranking 248th in 2014. The Group has now developed a large-sized State-owned auto group whose business operations cover vehicle R&D and manufacturing, general aviation, auto parts manufacturing, auto service & trade and investment & financing. Basing itself in the Chinese market, the BAIC Group has been energetically expanding worldwide. Building upon its Saab technology-based own brand cars and off-road vehicles, the Group has now developed into a large-sized auto company of international stranding, with its own comprehensive passenger vehicle production lines, complete industry chain and core competitiveness. Since it started to beef up its overseas operations in 2013, the BAIC Group has made major progress in its business development in key potential markets in the Middle East, Mexico, South America and Russia. In 2014, the BAIC Group sold 2, 401, 000 cars and achieved RMB311.56 billion in operating revenue worldwide. For the BAIC Group, overseas business development outside China has been an important driving force for the continuous business growth of the BAIC brand.

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