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The National Competitiveness Council (NCC) convened leaders from the public and private sector recently for the Third Annual Ease of Doing Business Summit to present and discuss Game Plan 3.0. The Game Plan is the latest blueprint to streamline government processes and is intended to further boost the Philippines’ rankings in the Doing Business Report published by the World Bank Group – International Finance Corporation. Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) Secretary Gregory Domingo, NCC Public Sector Chairman in his opening remarks during the summit expressed confidence that “the momentum in competitiveness will be sustained”. “The new ranking now puts the Philippines at the middle-third of world rankings. The goal is to be in the top-third of global rankings by 2016,” Secretary Domingo said. The summit centered on the Philippines’ performance as the most improved economy in the Ease of Doing Business Report, moving up a total of 53 notches from 2011 to 2015. Various public agencies and private organizations have been closely monitoring the indicators in the Doing Business report. Members of the Ease of Doing Business Taskforce presented their respective work programs and their plans in line with Game Plan 3.0 which aims to push the country to the top third of the global rankings by 2016. The indicators include (1) Starting a Business, (2) Dealing with Construction Permits, (3) Getting Electricity, (4) Registering Property, (5) Getting Credit, (6) Protecting Investors, (7) Paying Taxes, (8) Trading Across Borders, (9) Enforcing Contracts, and (10) Resolving Insolvency. (DTI-PRU)