The Board of Investments (BOI) approved a Php10.46 million project of Fabricar Corporation as a new export producer of Metal Products for home and industrial applications.

The project is under the Export Activities category of the Investment Priorities Plan (IPP), which covers the manufacture of export products, services exports and activities in support of exporters.

Fabricar Corp. specializes in manufacturing, sub-contracting export, and distribution of fabricated world class quality metal products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Most of its products would be exported to Australia, New Zealand and United States. Among the products to be produced are log splitters, gates, sheds, trailers, patios, pet houses and solar water heaters.

The company’s plant is located in San Pascual, Batangas City. Commercial operations began in May 2013 with an initial manpower of 28 personnel. It is expected to employ up to 56 people by the fifth year of operation.

The company was established by Engineer Raul Ereneo Caringal, an OFW who worked as a mechanical engineer in the Middle East with capital which mostly came from an Australian investor. Caringal’s technical expertise is in the design and fabrication of metal products.

Fabricar will have the following annual capacities: Log splitters will have an annual production of up to 300 units, gates with 216 units, shed 96 units, trailers 216 units, patios with 96 units, pet houses 216 units and 216 units of water heaters.

Log splitters are machineries or equipment used for splitting firewood from softwood or hardwood logs that have been pre-cut into sections. Trailers are generally unpowered vehicles pulled by a powered vehicle. It is capable of transferring or moving a variety of cargoes. Solar water heaters uses the natural energy from the sun to help save on water heating cost. The solar energy is collected by solar collectors which are circulated by pump between hot water storage and panels. The solar heaters can be installed either in inclined or flat roofs. (END)

Source: DTI Public Relations Office