A furniture exhibit entitled “Made in PH” was held at the Philippine Embassy on November 19-22, 2013.

A first of its kind at the Embassy, the Exhibit featured the uniqueness, beauty and craftsmanship of furniture and home furnishing pieces from the Philippines, through trendsetting product displays from six iconic Philippine manufacturers namely, Bon-Ace, Enpekei, Heinimex, Lightworks, Nature’s Legacy, and Ann Pamintuan.

The Exhibit was made possible through the multi-awarded furniture importing company, Phillips Collection of High Point, North Carolina, the hub of the furniture trade in the United States. Phillips Collection is a longtime importer of exquisite furniture and home furnishing pieces from the Philippines.

The Exhibit was marked by multiple events such as the Opening Night attended by US Government Officials and the Diplomatic Community, a Buyers’ Night, and a Reception for the Filipino-American Community and Media.

Following is an excerpt of the letter of Mr. Mark Phillips, CEO/President, of Phillips Collection to DTI Commercial Counselor Maria Roseni M. Alvero about the Event:

February 18, 2014

Dear Maria,

Thank you again for allowing Phillips Collection to partner with you in presenting our world class Philippine products in your Washington DC Embassy. We were thrilled at the reaction to our offerings - from the government guests to the buyers to the Filipino-American community. All of the visitors were surprised and impressed by the caliber of design and manufacture. They shouldn’t have been!

It is our job to let the world know to expect product excellence from the Philippines

. . . . Although it is impossible to precisely measure the dint of our efforts, I can tell you that since our presentation, our orders are up. . . . And I am proud to tell you that in our industry awards ceremony in Dallas in the following month we received an unprecedented two ARTs awards, for Best Accent Furniture Company and for Best Designer. Clearly, the bulk of that great furniture and design came from the Philippines.

It is important that we brand superior talent and workmanship. Synergies are created when the greatness of one area results in a halo of elevated expectation in another. “Of course it’s beautiful, it’s from the Philippines.” You can be sure that not one visiting government official left without a higher regard of what your proud nation can produce. And the pride of your entire staff, from your eloquent Ambassador on down, was palpable.

We all need to rally around our stars. In three nights we got to show the world how outstanding a partnership can be. Unpretentiously bringing unexpectedly great products to your government offices allowed you to humbly “brag” about how high you can fly. I hope you will be able to aggressively grow this subtle and effective venue and partnership in many other industries. Best regards,

Mark Phillips CEO/President Phillips Collection