October 22, Philippine Embassy Commercial Counselor Christine dela Cruz led a business delegation to China composed of representatives from Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP). The Philippine delegation was represented by EV manufacturers, end-users, policy advocates, NGOs, engaged in the production, promotion, expansion of electric vehicle use in the Philippines. During the 5-day business mission to China (19-24 Oct), the delegation visited manufacturing facilities of EVs particularly bikes and ebikes, observed bike/e-bike sharing programs, met with industry associations in Jiangsu Kunshan, Suzhou and Hangzhou in Zhejiang, as well as Beijing. In Beijing, the delegation met with China Bicycle Association (CBA) Chairman Ma Zhongchau and discussed ways to strengthen cooperation in the area of alternative transportation particularly the integrating bicycles, e-bicycles and other electric-powered vehicles in the transportation system. The visit concluded with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between EVAP President Rommel Juan and CBA Chairman Ma. evap CBA Chairman Ma gave an introduction on Chinese bicycles, electric vehicles. He noted that China is a bicycle manufacturing powerhouse producing about 80 million bikes per year accounting for two-thirds of the total global production of 120 million. Chairman Ma added that China produced 95% per cent of global production of electric bikes and about 35 million units were produced in 2013.
In the first half of 2014, China's bicycle exports to the Philippines were recorded at 520,000 units; 11,300 electric vehicles, an increase of 98% from the previous year; 6,714 tons of parts and accessories, an increase of 45%. These totaled to 18.03 million dollars in exports, an increase of 60% from the previous year. evap2 Chairman Ma acknowledged the rapid economic growth in the Philippines, large consumer market, reliable services industry, outstanding talent, stable investment environment as clear advantages of the Philippines as an investment destination. He believes that these will help boost China and Philippines bilateral industry cooperation. Commercial Counselor dela Cruz shared that the Philippines is awaiting decision from the European Commission regarding its pending GSP+ application. A favourable decision would mean zero tariff on 6,000+ products when exported to the EU. dela Cruz added that bicycles and e-bicyles, including parts and accessories are one of the main beneficiaries of the said scheme. She also noted that challenges facing China’s bike and ebike industry particularly when exporting to Europe ie as much as 48.9% anti dumping duty automatically imposed on products imported from Mainland China, can be addressed by partnering with Philippine manufacturers and assemblers and then exporting to Europe in strict compliance with ROO. EVAP President Rommel Juan gave a brief introduction on the state of electric vehicle industry in the Philippines. He mentioned that the Philippine government is very supportive of the industry. Juan issued a formal invitation to CBA to join the 2015 Electric Vehicle Summit to be held in Manila February 2015. EVAP and CBA committed to establish a general framework of cooperation through information exchange and support initiatives on sustainable menas of transportation including but not limited to bikes, e-bikes, and e-vehicles. Both agreed to undertake the following actions: -help preserve and realise a sustainable society through the use of bikes, e-bikes, and e-vehicles -promote and provide opportunities for environmentally responsible alternative modes of transportation -help promote small and mid-size enterprises to focus their knowledge on the development of new energy vehicles -support the development, diffusion, promotion and subsequent commercialization of bikes, e-bikes, and e-vehicles from general public’s perspective evap3 First row (bottom) from left: Juliet Manlapaz, National Coordinator Partnership for Clean Air Inc., Madame Huo Xiaoyun Vice Chairman of China Bicycle Association, CBA Chairman Ma Zhongchau, Commercial Counselor Christine dela Cruz Philippine Embassy Beijing., EVAP President Rommel Juan. Vina Vargas, Chief Information Officer Office of Senator Bam Aquino. From top (6th from left) – Mr. Luis Lava VP Estate Management of Filinvest Alabang Inc., pioneer in integrating EVs in real estate development Mr. Gino Montano, Phil. ETRO EV Inc., pioneer in electric motorcycles designed and assembled in the Philippines. Mr. Edmund Araga, KEA Industrial Corp., pioneer in e-trike manufacturing in the Philippines. Mr. Bodie Pulido of Electric Vehicle Expansion Ent., Inc., pioneer in EV operations and EV public & private transport franchise in the Philippines. Source: http://china-bicycle.com/News/View/39d933a8-28a5-4c78-9b2c-67d55720bbab