Philippine footwear manufacturers are usually scattered all over the archipelago, however, major players in this sector are found in Metro Manila, Central Luzon and in the CALABARZON region. They are classified as either micro, small, medium and large enterprises. They manufacture leather and non-leather footwear products including sports footgear, special use shoes, sandals, slippers and footwear accessories.

The Philippines used to have a sizeable number of footwear manufacturers that are usually home-operated enterprises. However, they were overshadowed by their cheaper foreign counterparts. This affected the said sector and most of them are traders at local department stores and boutique increased their purchases of low-cost footwear from countries such as China where their margins are higher.

Marketing Structure Local Demand Most of the local footwear manufacturers serves only the demand from local market for the following reasons:
  1. higher profit margin
  2. lack of machineries/equipment in order to meet the demand of global markets
  3. smaller manpower to meet the demand of global markets
  4. failure to be matched with foreign footwear companies/shops for possible licensing agreements

Domestic players rely on direct selling boutiques, and department stores to sell their products. Few enterprises have their own stores. The industry's highest production is during the months of October, November and May. This can be attributed to Christmas and school opening seasons. The lowest is during the month of July, caused by clearance and inventory sales.

World Demand

Only several Philippine footwear brands have survived the influx of low-priced imported footwear products and remained active in exporting their goods to foreign markets such as GB Shoes and Rusty Lopez. Some exporters were able to maintain licensing agreements with manufacturers of foreign branded shoes like Florshiem. At present, the Philippine export performance in footwear is being driven by Sports and Special use footwear. Orthopedic shoes and leather footgear are among the footwear products under these categories.

In order to promote Philippine footwear in the world market, manufacturers/firms participate in trade fairs, business missions, and Internet or online brochures/catalogues.