Food and beverage processing remains as the Philippines' dominant industry in food export accounting for 48% share or US$988.31 million of total food exports in 2009.

Most manufacturers are single proprietors whose businesses usually fall under micro, cottage and small industries; but large local companies such as San Miguel Corporation, RFM Corporation and Universal Robina Corporation with diversified product likes dominate the sector and compete with multinationals. Big multinational companies include Dole and Del Monte.

Change in today's lifestyle and dietary preference, along with improvement in socio-economic status, has resulted in significance increase in demand for processed fruits and vegetables and beverage products, tropical fruit juices included.

Philippine tropical fruits include banana, pineapple, mango, calamansi (lime), papaya, guava, soursop (guyabano) and mandarin processed into purees and juices.

The Philippines is a market leader in canned pineapple and juice market being a major processor of tropical fruits. Market Opportunity Projected Global Demand for Processed Tropical Fruits and Beverages
  • World demand for tropical beverages is protected to grow by 1% per year from 1999-2010, while world net exports is placed at 0.9% per year mostly coming from developing economies. - Demand from developing economies is projected at 1.6% per year - Demand from economies in transition is projected at 2.9% per year. - Demand from industrialized countries is projected at 0.6% per year.
  • Overseas demand for Philippine fruit purees and juices from 2006-2010 shows an annual average growth rate of 5.62%.
  • If the same rate for overseas demand is maintained, the Philippines will need additional capacity to supply around US$121.61 Million worth of trade in the sector by 2015.
  • Major export markets for 2010 include: - USA - The Netherlands - Canada - Japan - Australia - South Korea - Hong Kong - India - United Arab Emirates - New Zealand covering about 86% of export revenues.
  • Export proceeds for 2010 valued at US$ 92.52 million decreased by 4.8% from the previous year's exports of US$ 97.19 Million.
New Products for Manufacturing
  • Soursop (guayabano) juice, which is acceptable in North America, especially in Canada, has been found to be a health drink and favorite flavor for ice cream.
  • Calamansi (lime) juice proven to be a popular alternative to orange juice in Japan.
  • New fruit juice mixes -- coconut water mixed with other fruit juices.
  • High-fiber product such as nata de coco (a coconut product) mixed with fruit purees and juices to increase dietary fiber content.
Other Areas for Investment/Collaboration
  • Packaging and labeling
  • High-yielding and tested technologies for fruit processing
  • Equipment for dehydration, filtration, juice extraction, refrigeration, etc.