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The Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) recently conducted the Greening Manufacturing and Increasing Competitiveness Forum. Jointly organized by the DTI and the German Government through the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zumsammenarbeit (GIZ), the forum will be the venue to present and critique among and between stakeholders the results of the two "Greening the Industry Roadmaps" missions initiated in 2014. The DTI and the GIZ last year collaborated on a "Greening the Industry Roadmaps" initiative aimed at integrating green economic development (GED) concepts in the different roadmaps, thereby creating climate-smart, environment-friendly, and globally-competitive manufacturing industries in the Philippines. This initiative fielded two missions by Dr. Bernd Gutterer (second from right), an international GED consultant commissioned by GIZ to the Philippines. The first mission was held in July 2014 wherein initial consultations with various industry associations and stakeholders were conducted to assess their awareness on GED concepts. The second mission was held in November 2014 wherein one-on-one discussions with six priority industries identified by the DTI Board of Investments namely: auto, paper, plastics, copper, furniture, and mass housing, were conducted to determine how green elements can be integrated in their respective roadmaps. Sharing their insights in the forum were: DTI Undersecretaries Adrian Cristobal Jr. (second from left) and Zenaida Maglaya (third from left), DTI Assistant Secretary Rafaelita Aldaba (middle) together with (from left) Dr. Andreas Kalk, GIZ Country Director, German Ambassador to the Philippines Thomas Ossowski, and Dr. Volker Steigerwald, ProGED Project Manager. (DTI-PRU)