Hong Kong-based ZAMA Corporation, a subsidiary of the giant STIHL conglomerate of Germany began operations in 2014 in the Philippines, producing two-stroke carburetors for mechanical saws and other garden and landscaping machinery. ZAMA has long operated in China and is an example of the China+1 strategy that PTIC-Berlin has been advocating to the German business community.

The hushed entry of ZAMA was worked out by PTIC-Berlin in low-key coordination with the German Philippines Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A second German company is set to publicly announce its decision to establish in the Philippines.

An executive of the construction company – KNAUF Gips – disclosed to PTIC-Berlin that, following several months of due diligence work, it has narrowed down the sites for the gympsum board and panel manufacturing project to three locations and that a final decision on where and when to begin operations is imminent. PTIC-Berlin met executives of KNAUF Gips at a roundtable it arranged during the visit to Hamburg of Vice President Jejomar Binay in June 2013, and introduced KNAUF to contacts at the ECCP.