Description: The FABRIC/ACCESSORIES PARK is an industrial estate for fabric and accessories manufacturers servicing and producing for other manufacturers (within and outside the FAB) for their requirements in producing garments/apparels, toys, accessories, shoes, bags, etc. The Park also aims to host producers of synthetic fibers, “new products” that can be used in producing other goods such as garments/apparels, toys, accessories, shoes, bags, etc.

Type of investors/locators sought - Investors/locators producing fabric/materials for garments/apparel, bags, shoes, carpets etc. (which include, but not limited to, buckles, buttons, zippers, etc.)

Support service/s available in the areaThe FAB hosts the biggest Technical and Vocational Skills Training Center (TESDA); and located within its area is a State University – the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. And only a short distance away, the FAB is near a City (Balanga), which is being developed as a University Town. This City hosts numerous universities, colleges and training institutions. The proposed Designs and Innovation Center will also service current and prospective locators within this park in the field of producing materials for high-end garments/apparels, accessories, shoes and other similar products, through enhancing their processes and designs capabilities as well as in looking for new products that may be developed using current production lines/techniques and materials within and around the FAB, thus promoting dynamism and synergy between and among manufacturing/production lines within and around the FAB.

Profile of proponentThe AFAB is the FAB’s dedicated governing authority under the Office of the President of the Philippines. It is tasked to ensure and promote the viability/success of businesses in theFAB. Touted as the emerging Fashion Manufacturing Hub of the Philippines, it boasts of a budding value/supply chain in the field of high-end fashion manufacturing, leveraging its advantages like low electricity rates and utility costs, skilled and educated labor pool, etc.

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