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DTI joins ADB’s Joint Training on Economic Corridor Development for Competitive and Inclusive Asia. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) participated in the Joint Training on Economic Development for Competitive and Inclusive Asia sponsored and organized by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which comprised of two distinct modules: Module 1: Economic Corridors Concepts, Characteristics and Models held August 26-28, 2015 at Singapore and Module 2: Drivers of economic Corridors Development held last August 29- September 4, 2015 at Malaysia and Thailand. “The development of economic corridor is more than just defining geographic interrelation, but more on establishing connectivity among the region to maximize effective use of economic geography towards inclusive growth and comprehensive economic accessibility among the region,” said DTI’s BIMP-EAGA’s Supervising Undersecretary Dr. Prudencio M. Reyes Jr. The training was attended by the Ministries of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Planning, Transport and Trade and Investments from ASEAN countries and China; Economic Corridor Development and Special Economic Zones Authorities; and the Local Governments of Economic Corridors. (DTI-PRU)