Philippine Ambassador to Singapore Antonio Morales (right) and Philippine Trade & Investment Centre (PTIC)-Singapore Commercial Counsellor Glenn Peñaranda in a huddle with Joyce Lim, Executive Manager, Overseas Food Supply, Singapore Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) at the opening ceremony of the Davao Cultural and Food Festival in Singapore. The event held from July 16 to 20, 2014 was organized by the Department of Tourism-Davao Region and Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel.

Food trade between the Philippines and Singapore has increased as a result of various engagements of PTIC with the AVA and the Singapore Fruits and Vegetables Importers and Exporters Association (FVA). Currently, there are discussions on business trips to the Philippines by the AVA and FVA members as the government ensures resilient food supply for Singapore and as the companies seek to diversify their fruit and vegetable offerings. At present, the top 3 fruit imports from the Philippines to Singapore are banana, pineapple and papaya while the top 3 vegetable imports are shallot, unmilled sweet corn and red bell pepper.

Invest Phils 2 PTI-Singapore Commercial Counsellor Glenn Peñaranda with Mr. Khiam Back Tay, Managing Director of Hupco Pte Ltd. Hupco is a fruit, vegetable and organic food importer, exporter and wholesaler and a member of the Singapore FVA.   fb12 About Davao

Davao City is the region's capital and largest city in the Philippines with a total land area of 2,443 square kilometers. Its strategic location makes it the center of trade, not only in Southern Philippines but also as a gateway to neighboring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei.

Davao is an urbanized city. Land development is geared towards agriculture and property development which includes condominium, malls and convention centers. The people in Davao enjoy a perfect, tropical weather that is typhoon-free. Business, leisure and agricultural activities can be conducted year-round because of the stable and even distribution of climatic elements. The Southwestern portion of the city enjoys a cool climate that can go down as low as 20 degrees Celsius on a regular day.


Davao is an anchor tourist destination. It offers many possibilities for fun and adventurous activities. The City boasts of beautiful beaches and an array of outdoor activities such as diving, wakeboarding, river rafting, zip-lining, and off-roading. It also has the Philippine’s highest peak, Mount Apo making mountaineering and nature trekking popular pastimes among locals. Davao City has over 100 first class and deluxe hotels with more than 6,000 rooms available to accommodate the influx of tourists

The City is home to various national prides, possessing a wide array of flora and fauna such as the alluring queen of orchids Waling-waling and the Durian, the king of all fruits. Davao city is also home to exotic animals like the Philippine Eagle - the world’s largest eagle and the country’s national bird. Davao is also famous for its pomelo, mangosteen and tuna.

Davao festivals are the best among the Philippine Islands. Colorful, enthusiastic, and bursting with life, these festivals celebrate the beauty and bounty of Davao City. The Kadayawan Festival is the city’s annual event staged every mid-August, highlighting the ten tribes of the city. Indigenous cuisine is also featured in an interactive bamboo cooking demonstration.