Description:By sea, the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB) is only less than an hour away from Manila, which is the capital of the Philippines and host to numerous logistics advantages, including international airports, seaport, and entertainment establishments. Construction/operation for a barging business/service at the Freeport Area of Bataan will answer the growing need for more cost efficient and faster delivery of goods to/from the FAB from/to the international ports of Manila (or even as far as HongKong). In servicing more than 70 locators and additional incoming locators, the barging operations will provide an alternative route that will cut time (and therefore cut cost and delivery time). It will also boost further development of the FAB as an industrial zone hosting manufacturing industries like garments/apparel, accessories and shoes.

Estimated Project Cost (in USD $) - 34.36 Million USD - Basic Cargo Port with 180 l.m. wharf and ferry port with 60 l.m. wharf or 18.82 Million USD - Basic Cargo Port only for barging services with 100 l.m. wharf

Type of collaboration offered The AFAB seeks locators/investors to invest in a barging facility and operate a barging system/service at the FAB. It is also open to joint ventures as well as Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) collaboration. Collaboration will come in the form of financial investments for a barging facility and barges that will go to and from the FAB to any points of destination - primarily Manila (or even HongKong). The barging facility will service more than 70 locators inside the FAB and around the Mariveles area. Future clients will inevitably come as AFAB is also aggressively pursuing manufacturing industries producing fabrics/garments, accessories, shoes, etc. to located inside the FAB.

Available resources The FAB possesses deep harbor points where barging operations can be located. Only less than an hour away from Manila, the barging operations will surely promote/generate businesses in both side of the Manila Bay. FAB is also near the Bataan Refinery Company/Petron as well as an industrial zone for petro-chemical plants.

Profile of proponentThe AFAB is the FAB’s dedicated governing authority under the Office of the President of the Philippines. It is tasked to ensure and promote the viability/success of businesses in theFAB. Touted as the emerging Fashion Manufacturing Hub of the Philippines, it boasts of a budding value/supply chain in the field of high-end fashion manufacturing, leveraging its advantages like low electricity rates and utility costs, skilled and educated labor pool, etc.

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