CLARK FREEPORT -- The Clark Development Corporation (CDC) has announced that the export volume inside the Freeport has grown to US$388 as of June this year compared to that of same period last year.

The Trade Facilitation Department (TFD) of CDC said that exports increased by $68 million or 21 percent.

TFD Manager Rodgardo Deang said the June 2013 export volume was posted at $320 million.

The TFD manager added that the semi-conductor sector posted the highest e-ED with $229 million or 59 percent of the total export volume last June 2014.

The semicon sector was followed by electronics with $85 million or 22 percent share, and manufacturing firms with $41 million or 11 percent.

The TFD said that Korea’s Phoenix Semiconductor Phils. Corporation (PSPC) led the export volume with $229 million or 57 percent of the total export; Japan’s Nanox Phils. Inc. registered $73 million export volume or 19 percent.

Yokohama Tire Phils. Inc. on the other hand yielded $26 million or seven percent export volume while L&T International Group Phils., Inc with $13 million or three percent of the export volume.

TFD reports said importation volume was posted at $305 million last month. This is lower than the May 2014 with $317 million, the reports stated.

Admission permit applications last June reached 4,243 compared to 3,848 in the same month in 2013.

Deang said that processing fees from the admission (importation) permit in June 2014 amounted P815,500.

CDC generated a total of P2.4 million revenue from the processing of export permits last month.