The Berlin office contributed to the partnership between ThomasLloyd (an investment management firm that operates from Stuttgart, Zurich and London, and devoted solely to renewable energies) and Bronzeoak Philippines in several renewable energy projects in the Philippines.

ThomasLloyd pledged and began to disburse some $310 Million for 3 biomass generation projects (70 MW) in Negros Occidental, a $45 Million solar power facility (22 MW) also in Negros Occidental, and a $130 Million, 30 MW biomass project in central Tarlac.

PTIC-Berlin was invited when these projects broke ground in October 2013; and the projects were focal testimonials at the 4th ThomasLloyd Cleantech Congress in Frankfurt on 24 January 2014. At the Congress, Bronzeoak officials and PTIC-Berlin were featured presenters.

PTIC-Berlin also arranged sponsorship for the participation of the Tourism Department, the BOI, and the ECCP at the Congress. ThomasLloyd CEO, Michael Sieg, rallied more than a thousand clients at the Congress to continue entrusting their equity funds towards renewable energy projects in the Philippines. Bronzeoak Chairman Jose Maria Zabaleta, Sr., wrote PTIC-Berlin to thank it for its help and said that outcomes would have been different without the valuable help of the Berlin office of the DTI. Mr. Zabaleta sought the continued support of PTIC-Berlin in future projects.