DescriptionThe production of natural ingredients for health, nutrition, and wellness isone of the fast growing industrieswith many opportunities for investors,especially in APECO (Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority). The Philippines has the distinction of being the seventh most biologically diverse country in the world. It is home to 300 medicinal plants species such as Stevia, Peppermint, Lagundi, Malunggay, Sambong, Citronella and many others that may be useful in organic food production and processing, natural cosmetics production, and natural pharmaceutical manufacturing.

There are three (3) specific sectors that investors can utilize in the natural ingredients industry such as FOOD ADDITIVES, COSMETICS, and PHARMACEUTICALS.

A study was conducted by CBI Market Survey in 2009 to determine the market size of the demand for natural ingredients globally. Statistic showed the health and nutrition sector alone is $ 4 billion in 2009 estimates. The natural personal care market is $ 300 billion (retail level) with 8 % growth rate in US in 2009 ( The herbal medicine industry is estimated at an average of $ 10 billion and is growing in excess of 10% per year (CBI Market Surveys 2003).

APECO (Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority) allocated 100 hectares (5 hectares per locator) for production and model farms inside the economic zone where investors can enjoy tax free benefits and incentives. If expansion is required, there are as much as 12,000 hectares that can be fully available especiallyfor the plantation side of the industry. The allocation will house the Agri Industrial Site which provides basic infrastructure such as space for storage and post-harvestprocessingof natural ingredients.

Type of investors/locators sought:
  • Post harvest facilities.
  • Processing Plants and Equipments
  • Research and Development Facilities and Marketing
Support service/s available in the area
  • Well organized and low cost of manpower resources.
  • On the process of collaborating with the DA(Department of Agriculture – Biotechnology Unit) for the first model farm of natural ingredients in APECO.

Profile of proponent - The Aurora Special Economic Zone and Freeport Authority was created by virtue of Republic Act No. 9490, which was signed into on June 27, 2007and amended into R.A 10083. The law was enacted with the passage of a bill sponsored by Congressman Juan Edgardo Angara and Senator Edgardo Angara. APECO envisions the creation of a custom designed seaport and airport driven economic center that will attractaquamarine projects and agro-industrial investments. It is the first economic zone to be established in the Pacific coast and is intended to be a major transshipment hub going to the Pacific region. The zone also seeks to encourage and accelerate the social and economic development of the province of Aurora and its neighbouring provinces in the northeastern seaboard of the Philippines by increasing the productivity and income of the people in the area.

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