To aid in your initial research on the Philippines, you may check out the following resources: MACRO ECONOMIC DATA   NSCBNational Statistical Coordination Board     The NSCB provides the following information:
  • National Accounts (GDP, GNI) - Articles and data on the latest national accounts estimates
  • Regional Accounts (GRDP, GRDE) Articles and data on the latest gross regional domestic product and expenditures
  • Input-Output Tables - The latest inter-industry accounts of the Philippines describing  the structures of the different sectors of the economy and their inter- relationships
  • Quarterly Economic Indices - Measures of growth in production, gross revenue, employment and compensation in the various sectors of the    economy
  • Leading Economic Indicators -Highlights of the results of the quarterly LEI
  • Foreign Investments - Quarterly consolidated report on foreign direct investments (FDI)
  • Philippine Tourism Satellite Accounts - One of the satellite accounts developed by the NSCB to measure the contribution of tourism to the Philippine economy
  • Economic and Financial Data of the Philippines - Data described on the International Monetary Fund's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB)
  • Flash Indicators - Latest updates on “flash” indicators for key economic variables on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  nsoNational Statistics Office   The National Statistics Office (NSO) is the major statistical agency responsible in collecting, compiling, classifying, producing, publishing, and disseminating general-purpose statistics as provided for in Commonwealth Act (CA) No. 591. NSO has also the responsibility of carrying out and administering the provisions of the Civil Registry Law as provided for in Act No. 3753 dated February 1931. The NSO is tasked to:
    • Prepare for and undertake all censuses on population, agriculture, commerce, and industry
    • Conduct statistical surveys by enumeration, sampling, and other methods
    • Conduct social and economic studies and make projections of population, agricultural production, income, and the number of livestock
investorrelationsofficelogo Investor Relations Office of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank) The Investor Relations Office provides the following information:
    • Databases for economic and financial information of the Philippine Government
    • The monthly IRO newsletter
    • Relevant speeches related to the Philippine Economy
    • Presentation materials used in roadshows and teleconferences
    • Press releases from the economic agencies
    • A calendar of releases of economic information by the economic agencies