The Philippines is one of the more dynamic markets in the global economy. Its general macroeconomic outlook improved significantly in recent years and the country has made promising headway towards more sustainable and equitable economic development.

Our natural pool of talents and culturally adaptable human resources position the country as the most value-for-money destination for investments in the Asian region. We place high-value on education that equipped our labor force with world-renowned technical competency and English proficiency.

Our generally liberalized policy environment and strategic logistics access point in ASEAN + 3 gives us that competitive edge.

Bright spots in the economy include BPO, tourism, mining, agriculture, bio-fuels and renewable energy, and infrastructure. The Philippines is endowed with rich and diverse natural resources that provide seemingly unlimited opportunities.

With national economies and supply chains becoming more and more intertwined, we strive to expand and strengthen international investment agreements with capital-exporting countries to safeguard investors against economic volatilities and hedge against risk.

The government is well aware of the need to focus on total investor-related solutions to nurture investments. Going from strength to strength, the country's comprehensive strategy to attract capital inflows integrates secure and predictable economic conditions with business-friendly policies.

More than just a location, investing in the Philippines is about making that strategic business decision.