Intradco Pty Ltd., the exclusive distributor of 7D Mango products in Australia and New Zealand, is set to expand shipments of dried mangoes, mangorind, and other 7D-branded products into Australia. Demand for just this one brand has rapidly grown and is now at two (2) containers a month.

PTIC-Sydney works closely with Intradco’s Director, Mr. Tho Lim, to expand distribution networks for 7D products, as well as to bring in other products such as banana chips, coconut products, and others.

mango1 PTIC-Sydney Commercial Consul Emmanuel Ang, with Intradco Director Mr. Tho Lim at one of the Daiso outlets where 7D mangoes are selling well and given prime shelf space. Intradco is the exclusive distributor of 7D mango products in Australia and New Zealand. Daiso is one Intradco’s main distribution channels for 7D, with eighteen (18) stores all over Australia. mango34 mango42